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February/March 2002

Freqency Change & Pro Copy Donation

At midnight on 28 February 2002, KCR changed frequency from FM 101.1 to 102.5. Thanks to careful planning and the usual dedication of our volunteers, the changeover went smoothly. Pictured below are Larry Houston (foreground left) in the studio with Wheldon Thornley (at the console), and Robert Weggellaar (right) adjusting the transmitter.

In the office, a short celebration was held with members and guests. KCR Chairperson, Wheldon Thornley, took this opportunity to thank Morley based business Pro Copy for their substantial donation of an Audio Innovation Paragon DSP system valued at a wholesale price of approximately $9000.

Once implemented into our transmission rack, the DSP will allow time variable control on our transmission dynamics, giving us a stronger and more professional sound. The system includes a sophisticated multi-band compressor, parametric equaliser, limiter and FM exciter in a box.

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